About us

Welcome to TNC Uniform & Design. Here at TNC, we are known for specializing in 100% customized uniform items for corporations, charities, restaurants, schools, and hotels. We are here to help you simplify the process of creating your custom look. Our panel of designers are able to help you select and optimize YOUR design using integrative design technologies and color matching capacities to ensure your custom idea goes from design conception to wearable completion. We love working hand in hand together to make your vision come to fruition! The options are endless and we are here to help your business stand out!


Products & Services

TNC offers a wide variety of uniforms and other accessories to create the perfect addition so your company can dress the part. We offer different styles, colors and textures of fabrics that are popular with the current consumer. TNC also provides our customers with the ability to create custom made items so that your business can stand out. It is our commitment to offer a great quality product at a fraction of the cost of other high end designers. Our vision is to become the quintessential provider of quality, highly affordable uniforms and accessories in the world.


Client Services

It is our mission to be the best provider of high quality, handmade uniforms in the eyes of our valued customers. At the TNC we aspire to be the benchmark by which our industry is measured, and to continue setting higher standards. We believe in 5 star service and are here for you 24/7. We fully understand that customer satisfaction and the quality of our product line are the cornerstones of our reputation. We are “TNC Uniform & Design” and from the outset we have pledged a commitment to excellence, and from that pledge we will not waiver.